My creative inclinations began in the early years, sketching all through middle school and getting sucked into the dark room in high school. I went through a creative evolution, from illustrator, to photographer (digital and analogue), to screen printer, before landing at my final destination: graphic designer. I have experience with all steps of the creative process from the ground up, creating storyboards, comprehensive briefs and trend reports to build my designs. Having worked for both large corporations and small business, I understand the challenges faced by each, and I can work with fast-paced projects, tight deadlines and restrictions. Having worked with small, independent businesses, I also have experience beyond the basic design aspects, from sourcing factories to dealing with vendors and strike offs. One of the things that helps with my designing is my experience in direct retail sales. Seeing first-hand what people are looking for in aesthetic and function enables me to design with the consumer in mind. Being versed in many different facets of the design world, I would be able to bring insight to any design team.


Tufts University

Experience & Education