"Xiao Ming Design " is the integration of product design services-based product design and supply organization. the professional systems modes of operation, perfectly of art and Business design of combined we experienced and the confidence of able to you the company brand and image with the best suits perfectly way to of market demandland design. Our power with your concern!

Work Samples

  • 5M Foot box design

  • E-book reader design

  • Scales design

Work History

Since 2008, the design studio has been operating "Xiao Ming DESIGN".There are wealth of design experience , Wealth of knowledge of the structure and wealth of practical knowledge of production! Welcome to our page! Connection: http://blog.sina.com.cn/Seventhangel


燕山大学-工业设计系 Yanshan University - Department of Industrial Design





Five years of work, there are more than 100 products were selected and produced.