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  • Yetkin Degirmenci

    Graphic Designer, IT Specialist, Chocolatier, Polymath

    IZMIR, Turkey



When I was kid, my first job was selling socks on a street stall.
I learned on street, how to convince people to buy something from you while they pass by and not pay attention to you.
I self-trained and work my way up in Information technology.
Become pioneer on certain technologies and customer support in my country.
I have customer support experience more than ~26.000 hours with %99.9 success rate.
I studied Graphic Design both in High-School and University. I'm good in Brand Design, Graphic Design, Package Design and Illustration.
Life long learning is the key for success in everything.
I either find a way or make one.
I have my own boutique chocolate brand.
I'm currently studying Culinary Arts,
to understand the field of gastronomy in the tourism sector.
get know how and skills related to cuisine, services, management and human relations.

Izmir University Of Economics