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    User Experience Researcher

    Tai Mo Shan, Hong Kong

:: User Experience Design. Interaction & Interface Design. Information Design.

Work Samples

  • Sustainable Design

  • Bravo Mobile Video Design

  • -- Interaction Design -- Home-networked Audio Device

Work History

<p>{ WORKING EXPERIENCE }</p> <p>1. [2013] JobsDB, Hong Kong ;Position: User Experience Researcher&nbsp;</p> <p>1. [2012] CodeAr.my, KL, Malaysia .&nbsp;Position: Lead UX Designer&nbsp;</p> <p>2. [2011] HaA Design Consultancy, Seoul, South Korea. Position: Information Architect</p> <p>3. [2009] Master Researcher at Interaction Design Lab, Techno Design Dept.,Kookmin University, Seoul, South Korea.&nbsp;Position: Interaction Design Researcher</p> <ul> <li>+Participate in Seoul Government Projects as an Interaction researcher and designer</li> <li>+Conduct In-context user research and interview, analyze the data with the design team, generate insights for innovative concepts and scenarios and create documentations to communicate with other stakeholders.</li> <li>+Visualization and prototyping for usability testing and concepts verification + Participate in Local and International Conferences in the fields of HCI, Design, Ubiquitous computing, Augmented Reality, and etc.</li> <li>+Write and publish research papers in the local and international conferences</li> </ul> <p>4. [2007] Autodesk Software Asia (Shanghai &amp; Singapore Branch). Position: Interface &amp; Interaction Designer</p> <ul> <li>+Develop a new product and workflows in a global team; incorporate with Project Manager, Software Architects, Software Engineers and Product Designers that spread over US, Canada, China and Singapore.</li> <li>+Gathers user requirements from customers through customer visits and discussions with marketing.</li> <li>+Translates customers needs into innovative design solutions</li> <li>+Optimizes product usability, learnability and customer satisfaction;</li> <li>+Conceptual and detailed design of the user interaction for specific features (including low fidelity wireframes, workflow design, high fidelity mockups representing appropriate layout and control relationships.)</li> <li>+Experience in prototyping with various tools such as, Flash, GUI Design Studio, PowerPoint, and Microsoft Office Visio 2007</li> <li>+Convey usability testing to validate the concept design with the customers&nbsp;</li> <li>+Integrate the usability testing results to improve the workflow and UI.</li> </ul> <p>5. [2007] VisualMediaWorks Pte. Ltd. Position: Digital Artist</p> <ul> <li>+Hands-on experience in visualizing CAD and 3D Max models in an aesthetic and realistic environment.</li> </ul> <p>6. [2006] Interface Design Department Multimedia University. Position: Interface Design Trainee</p> <ul> <li>+Develop a new product in a complete interface design cycle</li> <li>+Field study and research of Sign, Signage design in Malaysia.</li> <li>+Interview deaf community of using mobiles experience. * Freelance Designer (2005)</li> <li>+Gather customer requirements and produce design solutions</li> <li>+Simplify complex system</li> <li>+Present the design ideas and ensure that it satisfy customer needs.</li> <li>+Type of work includes UI design, Graphic and Illustration, Print advertisement</li> </ul> <p>{ Language Spoken &amp; Written }</p> <ul> <li>+English ------------ very fluent (writing &amp; speaking)</li> <li>+Mandarin --------- very fluent (writing &amp; speaking)</li> <li>+Malay -------------- fluent (writing &amp; speaking)</li> <li>+Cantonese ------ very fluent (speaking)</li> <li>+Korean ------------ basic level</li> </ul> <p>&nbsp;|| ACADEMIC BACKGROUND ||------------------------------------------------------------</p> <ol> <li>Year 2009-2011 + Kookmin University, South Korea Master in Interaction Design Achievements: 4.38/4.50 Cumulative GPA Year 2003-2007</li> <li>Multimedia University Cyberjaya, Malaysia Bachelor of Creative Multimedia majoring in Interface Design Achievements: 3.61/4.00 Cumulative GPA</li> </ol> <p>|| RELEVANT SKILLS ||-------------------------------------------------------------------------</p> <p>Main Knowledge:</p> <ul> <li>Research and Development in User Interaction &amp; Interface Design</li> <li>User Experience &amp; Human Factors</li> <li>Multimedia Design Software Knowledge: [ Primary Tools]</li> <li>Adobe Photoshop CS5</li> <li>Adobe Illustrator CS5</li> <li>Microsoft Visio [ Secondary Tools ]</li> <li>Adobe Flash CS5 Professional | Flash Catalyst CS5 | InDesign | Swish | Director | Dreamweaver | Premier | 3D Studio Max</li> <li>Microsoft Blend</li> <li>Autodesk AutoCAD | Alias Maya | Map3D</li> <li>Cult 3D Designer 5.3 + Sonic Sound Forge 7.0</li> <li>Cakewalk Sonar 4 Producer Edition + GUI Design Studio [ Basic or Additional Knowledge ] + HTML</li> <li>JavaScript</li> <li>Microsoft Embedded Visual C++ [ Other skills ]</li> <li>Photography</li> <li>Video and Audio Production</li> <li>Multimedia design</li> <li>Graphic and Illustration</li> </ul> <p>|| BEHAVIOURAL SKILLS ||-------------------------------------------------------------------</p> <ul> <li>Commitment to Excellent</li> <li>Teamwork with multicultural</li> <li>Strong in verbal and visual communication</li> <li>Analytical and creative in problem solving</li> <li>Driven by user-centered design</li> <li>Adapt to new domains quickly</li> </ul>


Kookmin University , Seoul



Interaction Design Lab, Graduate School of Techno Design, Kookmin University


[2011] Top five winners of the Fast Track to the Mobile App Design Challenge- http://bit.ly/sGWnJR [2003-06]Recipient of Dean List award [2005/06] The Best Students in Gamma FCM (Interface Design)+the Best Director Awards + the Best Title Sequence of Jan Dara