● SHORT SUMMARY: Yvan is an accomplished and integrity-driven branding & advertising expert with an extensive experience around the globe, both as an employee and as an entrepreneur. ● LONG SUMMARY: Yvan has over 2 decades experience of organizing, managing and developing creative solutions for numerous iconic brands in the Middle East and Asia, the most recent including the strict adherence to Etihad Airways brand guidelines at all levels as well as the implementation of the newly created guidelines. A seasoned creative with years of multi-disciplinary experience worldwide, Yvan has been trained to think in a 360 degree manner – to consider all touch points and aspects of a brand as well as discover some new ones, working alongside internal departments and external suppliers to achieve any marketing objectives, growing and nurturing brands. ● Can his experience help you make a difference? Please browse through his specialties & history. ● Offerings: consultancy for through the line advertising campaigns and pitches, brand ambassadorship, brand development, brand management, rebranding, creative direction. ● Common misspells: Ivan Goudard, Yavan Godard, Evan Goodart, or Clos Goudard, Clot Goudard, Claude Goudard, 爱吻, يفان كلوت جودارد, อิวานศิลปะที่ดีสุขุม Specialties: ✈ Branding and re-branding ✈ Brand Management ✈ Brand Stewardship ✈ Aviation, Telecoms & FMCG ✈ Inflight branding, Exhibitions branding, Frequent Flyer program branding ✈ Strategic Thinking ✈ Creative Direction ✈ Cultural Sensibility ✈ Project Management ✈ Through The Line Advertising ✈ Presentation ✈ Advertising in Post-war Zones ✈ Social Media ✈ eBook Publishing ✈ Digital Books Distribution


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