Product Development Project @ GE Appliances - Objective: Reinvigorate the image of a top-of-the-line gas range family to compete against Brazilian and German products in the Latin American markets.

Role: Coordinate the overall product development process from inception to pre-production. Industrial design was outsourced by Llusca Design (Spain). The engineering and implementation processes were engaged in-house. The project’s budget was approximately 7 million dollars.

Outcome: Inspired by high-tech instruments, the system portrays a clean, sober and elegant design that appeals to young urban couples.

Coca-Cola Post-Mix - Objective: Create value by expanding the product line of a consumer product currently considered a commodity.
Outcome: A chic design of a Coca-Cola post-mix machine targeted at the ultimate consumer.
Moto-tool - Objective: Design a hand-held construction tool.

Outcome: A digitally controlled and highly ergonomic moto-tool used for precise wood engraving.

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