Zack is a graduate of the Industrial and Interactive Design program at Syracuse University. This five-year degree program focuses on design process and the essential elements of designing with users in mind, including human factors, research, prototyping, and many more. Zack first became interested in the creative process at age 4 when, like so many others, he discovered Legos. This interest in construction and design quickly became a passion and fueled much of his education. As he approached college, Zack learned of Industrial Design and, seeing it as a tool to reach out to those who need help, made it a goal to help others to better their lives through design. While his design philosophy is reflective of this goal, he also enjoys creating simply for the sake of craft, which often finds outlet in various forms of fine art, including drawing and making music. See his work at zacharyjport.com and more information at linkedin.com/zacharyport


IDSA, NSCS, Renee Crown Honors College

Experience & Education