I present myself as a triple-threat within any position I obtain; by bringing to the table design, programing & management knowledge. Not only do I have an understanding of the power of design and the importance of a strong structural foundation, I realize that solid management experience creates a smoother collaboration. I am a creative individual that focuses on presenting concepts and designs that achieve all goals in a brand's DNA as well as driving innovation. I am always looking for new approaches and techniques to improve my work processes. I give constructive and detailed feedback and I am expect the same to the same from others. I have extensive knowledge working with: domestic, international, in-house, 3rd party, designers, developers, marketing, editorial, production, merchandising and advertising teams. My technical knowledge drives me to produce a solid solution from back to front and an environment that is easily navigated for both the technical and creative base objectives. Typically i’ve been called : an insane multi-tasker, a social processor, driven, fashionable and eccentric.

Work Samples

  • The Shops at WSJ

  • Martin Luther & Coretta Scott King Memorial

  • Eastsport Website Simple Responsive Design

Work History

  • Product Manager & Merchandiser at The Wall Street Journal

    Responsible for launching, gathering metrics, and merchandising a new e-commerce initiative.

    Coordinated a team of 5-10 people as well as external department teams for development and daily operation. Created extensive merchandising plans across multiple categories and developed creative briefs for marketing and onsite implementation. Worked between Editorial and Digital product departments to meet ethics standards and brand integrity.

    Phase 1: www.wsjselect.com (3 week turnaround time from concept to launch)
    • holiday gift guides 2012
    • Art Direction
    • Marketing plan
    • Internal Integrations
    • Expand the capabilities of 72Lux platform
    • Create and outline long-term goals

    Phase 2 : www.wsj.com/shops (launched Nov 2013)
    • The Shops at WSJ
    • New design utilizing responsive structure and luxury feel
    • Developed thematically matching ad service, api, and blog platform integration for wsj.com
    • Curator/stylist for categories and products featured
    • Integrated full shopping tracking with Adobe Omniture
    • Approve all marketing/social efforts

    Additional :
    • Internship Mentor
    • Special Project Feedback
    • Commerce flow consulting
    • Retail/E-com Planning
    • Special Collaboration Deals with Partners

  • Owner / Creative

    • Jun 2010 - Present (4 years 1 month)

    Consultation, Creative, Development, Production of the following websites:
    • AmericanAirpowerMuseum (Redesign, SEO, CMS, Disaster recovery, consulting, emergency edits)
    • Cockpit USA (Website Design, Creative Consulting, System Integration Consulting)
    • Bijoux Int'l Inc - BODHI (Online Art Direction, Buying/Discount Schedule, Line Consultation,
    • Eastsport (Online Art Direction, Buying/Discount Schedule, Line Consultation, Merchandising)
    • e.a.t spaces (Website Development)
    • Renaissance Chimney Inc. (Consulting, emergency upgrade)
    • Fear-less Project (Drupal Website Modifications & Enhancements)

  • Merchandiser & E-Commerce Creative Director

    Company wide:
    Optimization of Magento Community Edition e-Commerce website, created Pre-Hiring. Brining prior knowledge and experience of creative design, e-commerce design and store management to focus on a prime direction for sales and image.
    • Establishing a Creative Direction within Brand Guidelines
    • Product Merchandising
    • Create Imaging Standards & Practices
    • Packaging / Graphics Production Coordination
    • Launching Email Marketing program
    • Blog Curation and Marketing
    • Encourage and Utilize Social Engagement
    • Planned Development of Interactive Additions relative to brand needs
    • E-Commerce Platform Edits

    Company (Eastsport) specifics
    Optimization of Magento Community Edition e-Commerce website, created Pre-Hiring. Brining prior
    knowledge and experience of creative design, e-commerce design and store management to focus on a
    prime direction for sales and image.
    • Consolidation of web resources, materials & applications
    • Partnership agreements between online creative ventures
    • Inter-brand coordination with licensees and 3rd party collaborators
    • Merchandising and Line Planning

    Company (BODHI, BJX) specifics
    Integration and Final launch of new e-commerce site (Drupal / Ubercart) created Pre-Hiring. Brining prior
    knowledge and experience of creative design, e-commerce design and store management to focus on a prime direction for sales and image. I have transition the previous e-commerce environment into a Multi-Store Magento system.
    • Merchandising and Line Planning
    • S.O.P Returns / Exchanges / Shipping
    • Product Photography Lighting & Equipment
    • PR company involvement and Delivery
    • Training in Social Media / Analytics / Customer Service

  • Freelance Flash Design & Animation

    • Grey Group
    • Dec 2011 - Dec 2011

    Freelance design of animation and development for charity e-card. 6 Slides each progressively encouraging the user to donate to the toy drive.

    Client: Wing Latino = Grey Advertising Group

  • Creative & E-Commerce Director

    E-Commerce & Creative Manager
    • Planned sales schedule company wide and individualized sales for online only.
    • Designed Creative material for online E-mail marketing and standard site graphics
    • Revitalization of failing e-commerce site including back end and front-end architecture/design
    • Trained and updated fulfillment and sales staff on all retail systems converging on e-commerce

    Branding Consultant
    • Developed focus in creating a distinction between sub-product lines and core brand.
    • Developed branding packaged for each product line on current and proposed changes to image and identity. Explained weaknesses and strengths with proposed solutions.
    • Developed branding guideline package for salesmen and business partners to use as a unified brand image.

    Creative / Design
    • Cohesive image for seasonal collections and merchandise
    • Implemented Standards for printed and digital product and mechanized images
    • Encouraged branding standards to be present in all company representation.
    • Full identity support from product production to printed work to online facade.
    • Marketing material - Ads , reseller product images, purchases including branded POP for resellers.

    SEO / Social Networking + Marketing
    • Complete Search Engine Optimization including, .htaccess, meta descriptions, proper tagging properties, spider.txt creation, sitemap.xml creation, Google analytics integration.
    • Created social/marketing plan that developed brand involvement, email delivery and generated conversions

  • Creative Department (Sole Intern)

    • Diesel
    • Jun 2010 - Aug 2010 (2 months)

    Sole Creative Intern
    • Responsible for Printed Ads ~ Publications (i.e. Nylon, FADER, GQ)
    • Email Blasts
    • Promotional Material (post cards, books)
    • Formatting Nationwide Ad Campaign for multiple applications including: billboards and marketing Ads, Email blasts / Emailers, promotional books and pamphlets, In-store graphics, room designs, and printed communications.

  • Manager

    • Diesel
    • Jul 2008 - Jun 2010 (1 year 11 months)

    General Management and Operations for a 8+ employee Retail store.
    Responsible for Scheduling, Proccessing Shipments, Generating sales, creating tasking
    schedules for associates, Visual Merchandising, In-store POP, e-commerce promotions.


  • Kutztown University of Pennsylvania

    • Communication Design Interactive Design, Advertising Design
    • 2006 - 2010



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