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Product Catalog
There is alot going on on this page that isn't apparent at first. There are color swatches based on color numbers, arrangements by SKU, Product Collection, Name, Price. You can view price ranges of products or only their sub-categories. There is also an "Add to Wishlist" button for each product.
Tech Product Catalog
For this page we have the same options at the handbag sections with the addition to compare different tech products side-by-side.
Product Detail Page
This page you can see the detailed information about the product. It also includes a hove zoom image effect.
Details Include:
• Weight
• Measurement
• Material
• Features
• Detail Images
... and more ...

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Tech Comparison Page
This page is the result of selecting two tech products to compare side-by-side. You can also get a Print-Friendly version of this page!
Customer cart

This page shows the user view of the cart. This section also shows an add-op product based off of data gathered over time or by merchandising.

Here customers can:
• Estimate Shipping
• Apply Discount Coupons
• Edit cart items
Beyond the bag - "the BODHI blog"
This is the integrated wordpress blog that was added along with the magento system. This sections creates a much more content oriented and lifestyle elements to the Brand and Website.

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