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  • Geoffrey Gauchet

    Web Designer / Developer

    New Orleans, LA

Over the past 15 years I have developed and honed my web development and design skills and moved forward with changes in technology, from frames and tables to CSS3 and flex-boxes. I've developed a passion for REST APIs and connecting platforms together to create new and useful software. My philosophy on UI and UX is that the interface should not only be clean and eye-catching, but also intuitive and straightforward. My experience ranges from simple brochure-style websites to a web-based point-of-sale system to location-based mobile apps to monitoring energy in office buildings through IoT devices.

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Work History

  • Developer

    • LookFar
    • New Orleans, LA
    • Sep 2015 - Present (2 years 3 months)

    Frontend developer, working primarily in Angular, with a proficiency in WordPress

  • Senior Frontend Developer

    • Entronix, Inc.
    • Kenner, LA
    • Feb 2015 - Aug 2015 (6 months)

    Designed and developed a Cordova/PhoneGap app for iOS and Android * QR Code scanning functionality * Replaced recording electricity meter values with pen and paper to be transferred to Excel by instantly loading usage values into Entronix's Energy Management Platform, which is used to monitor a building's energy usage * Featured an offline mode to cache data and automatically upload when a connection existed Technologies Used: JavaScript, CSS, Cordova * Developed building directory/emergency messaging system for large office buildings. * Ran in Chrome in kiosk mode on a large touchscreen in building lobbies * Allowed visitors to search for a tenant by company or an individual's name and gave visual Google Map-like directions to that tenant from that specific kiosk * Allowed the visitor to check traffic and weather. * In the event of an emergency, building employees could push a message to all kiosks warning about or explaining to visitors the emergency at hand. * System could run with or without an internet connection Technologies Used: JavaScript, CSS, shell scripts * Developed and implemented sister company Linq's website (linq.io) * Maintained Entronix website (entronix.io), built on Expression Engine * Altered the UX and enhanced the UI design of the Entronix Energy Management Platform flagship software. EMP was developed with a Python and MongoDB backend, Bootstrap-based frontend

  • Web/Application Developer

    • Louisiana Public Health Institute (LPHI)
    • New Orleans, LA
    • Mar 2009 - Feb 2015 (5 years 11 months)

    Designed and developed Healthy NOLA Neighborhoods (healthynola.org) and Baton Rouge City Key (brcitykey.com) which displayed US Census and LPHI-sourced data to give a view of a neighborhood's health, crime, education, and economic statuses * Used custom-built interactive ESRI maps to display data * Static tables and gauges created at-a-glance views of neighborhoods * Visitors could submit events happening in their neighborhood Technologies Used: PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, CSS, ESRI API * Designed, developed, and maintained Intranet/web portal for 100+ employees * Included a messaging system for employees * Searchable document storage for forms and policies * Fully integrated leave request, timesheet, reimbursement, and travel authorization forms * Real-time notification system for alerts and to let supervisors know of timesheets or leave requests needing approval Technologies Used: PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, CSS * Designed and developed the UI and UX for a reporting system for the American Red Cross that allowed employees to report on community resiliency networks in natural disaster-prone areas. * Three-tier approval system before each report was submitted to the head offices. * Forms could be dynamically created and could have advance features such as skip patterns Technologies Used: PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, CSS * Designed and developed a community dashboard for St. Tammany Parish that showed a variety of graphs using mental health data reported on by hospitals and clinics in the parish * Custom-built CMS which allowed clinics and hospitals to log in and upload data using Excel Worksheets that were parsed by the server and stored in a database * Entire look-and-feel and site copy could be customized by admins * Admins could add new indicators and sections to the dashboard, as well as define the types of graphs (bar, line, pie, etc) for each indicator Technologies Used: PHP...

  • Application Engineer/Estimator

    • Computrols, Inc.
    • Harvey, LA
    • Jan 2006 - Mar 2009 (3 years 2 months)

    Designed and engineered heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) automation, access control and fire alarm systems Researched various elements of HVAC automation, access control and fire alarm systems with sales to ensure proper functionality Coordinated with subcontractors for job scheduling and bidding

  • Director of Technology

    • GameTrader, LLC
    • LaPlace, LA
    • Dec 2001 - Jan 2006 (4 years 1 month)

    Developed custom POS software and inventory database, departmental software, and the company webstore. Technologies Used: ASP, JavaScript, CSS Oversaw all IT operations including setting up of computers and networks as well as troubleshooting and purchasing of new equipment. Maintained networks for 7 retail stores Designed and maintained company website and its webstore, including online shopping cart and inventory management. Ran company webstore, including handling the customer service end, the shipping, the receiving, and the inventory. Designed uniform T-shirts Designed signage, fliers, and advertisements for display in stores Designed forms for customer and intra-office use Designed and developed official Foursquare app for HP/Palm webOS mobile operating system. Technologies Used: JavaScript, CSS * Designed and developed neato!, a cross-platform app built with PhoneGap that allowed users to send text, URLs, maps, and contacts from their desktop to their phone, and from their phone to their desktop. Neato! won both Best Utility App and Best Cloud Integration in webOSNation.com's Best of 2010 Awards, voted on by users. Technologies Used: JavaScript, CSS, & Cordova (client), PHP & MySQL (server) * Designed and developed incredible!, a social media aggregator. The app allowed users to link unlimited Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and Foursquare accounts and created one chronological feed of posts from all accounts, taking into account duplicate posts from users whether they're on the same service or not, and allowed the user to filter or color code feed items based on their own criteria, and allowed them to cross post to all accounts/networks at once. Technologies Used: JavaScript, CSS


  • University of New Orleans

    • Computer Science
    • 2013