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Suck UK Punk-Inspired Time Pieces - Punk Inspired Time pieces that reflect the
attitude and fashion of punk culture.
Brand: Suck UK - “We worked on our concepts making stuff that we liked for no one in particular...we are never content however, and the next few months will see us release some of the best new products to come out of the UK in a long time.”

- Suck UK (Sam & Jude)
Market/Inspiration - The intended market was not necessarily members of the punk community, but rather individuals wanting to look punk through clothes they wear and the things they buy. Punk is a very expressive culture. Its music, clothing, and lifestyle reflect negatively on conforming to the corporate media machine. Rebellious, scary, grungy, even crazy, the punk community is a unique and challenging market because of their rejection of what is considered normal and embracing of what is abnormal.
Ideations - Early ideations began with random sketches for punk-inspired time products. The idea was to come up with as many ideas as possible and pick the best ones for further development. The process led to three directions: an alarm clock inspired by moshing, rings inspired by brass knuckles, and a wristwatch inspired by safety pins.
Mosh Clock - An alarm clock inspired by the act of moshing. Small punk figurines jump and dance accompanied by loud punk music.

Time Rings - A set of rings that tell time when worn together on one hand. Inspired by brass knuckles, these time rings are a fashionable way to tell time and look punk all at once.
Safety Pin Wristwatch - Wristwatch design inspired by the iconic safety pin. Safety pins are common in punk fashion, often worn on clothes and packs. The design utilizes the safety pin as a graphic element for the wrist-band.
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Suck UK Punk-Inspired Time Pieces
Jeffrey Bounthavong
Concept Artist/Illustrator Los Angeles, CA