Tribot - one of my first designs for Wow Wee - I designed this guy from concept to factory follow up and introduced CAD at a very early stage saving several months of development and leading to an offer of full-time employment. Tribot went on to sell well over half a million units.
Roboraptor Successor. Another early project for WowWee was to continue work on its successful robot dinosaur range of toys - this particular SKU did not see production for cost reasons but never-the-less was a lot of fun to work on.
Bug bots and Pocket bots. A set of designs for low cost bugs and 'pocket bots' that would have low level intelligence to follow lines and do tricks.
Concept Designs for various robots for WowWee. Several projects are depicted here to varying degrees of finish.
Concept Designs for various robots for WowWee. Several projects are depicted here from concept design to production toys. Involvement included hands on design and Design Direction
Concept Designs for Joesapien. Joesapien is a successor to Robosapien at a much lower price point. These concepts are very early studies to establish character and overall feel for design.
Jambot. Concept sketches and prototypes for a musical beat box robot. Jambot never made production for cost reasons but became quite a character before his early demise
Robosapien DNA. Sketches studying Robosapien DNA in new forms and new younger appeal characters
Poserbot. Sketches for a female collectible robot to appeal to older toy fans. A sexy poseable bot.
NBA bot. Sketches for a proposed Lakers themed robot. A poseable large scale action collectible. Laker bot never made production
Robot walker. Sketches for a military style battle walker based on WowWee Dinosaur walking mechanisms to appeal to new buyers.
Exploding flyer. Sketches for a flying toy that would explode in mid air and crash spectacularly.
Room scooper. Early sketches for a friendly room tidying robot. This guy picks up your trash and drops it in his dump truck bed.
Light strike. I headed up all design and design direction for WowWee's lights strike. I designed the majority of the weapons and themes that went into this line. This sheet show early concept sketches I created that explored both cartoony and futuristic themes.
Light strike. This sheet shows more refined concepts I created through to final gun designs for the light strike range.
Light strike. This sheet shows various support material for the toy range including rank insignia, characters and comic strip along with graphical treatment to set the tone. I Design directed this aspect of the range along with designing two of the characters and rendering the rank badges. Comic strip supplied by external contractors, graphics and insignia designed by internal graphics dept.
Light Strike. This sheet shows images of the final products along with their respective final concept designs. Light strike is an infra red battle game that allow for customization and upgrading of weapons to gain tactical advantages from sniping to grenade launchers to enemy scanners - it has unlimited number of players and unique touch sensors imbedded in the graphics on the sides.
Showroom designs. Various designs for WowWee showrooms themed to various products.
Toy Design

A collection of sketches, concept designs, illustrations and ideas from toys I have designed for Wow Wee over a six year period from blank sheet to design direction and factory follow up. Many of the products have retailed at major distributers such as Toys r Us, Walmart and Target

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Adam Fairless
From blank napkin through to production and everything in between.... San Diego, CA