TouchWood stickers - portable protection against the jinx - The TouchWood stickers makes wood always available as part of a contemporary lifestyle, allowing the user to “woodify” his/her portable belongings so they are never caught out. The multipack contain twelve veneer stickers for permanent sticking on virtually any flat surface. The plaster-like shape evokes the healing properties of the band-aids and the graphic identity of the packaging recalls a medical product; the instructions on the back of the box are edited in a humorous “how to use it”.
The "Fingers Crossed" - Redesign of the UK National Lottery draw ticket and the £1 scratchcard based on the lucky ritual of crossing fingers hoping for good to happen. By tearing along the perforation lines of the paper slip and crossing the fingers of the ticket, this product is intended to act as a little totem of good hope. In the scratchcard, the lucky ritual anticipates the game: the player has to open the card to be able to scratch it, and through the folding feature the “fingers” of the card are crossed.
Alice Gallarate
Product Designer London, United Kingdom