DOS CARAS jacket - 2004 DOS CARAS is a two-in-one product. On the one hand it`s a fashion item, that dresses the user and keeps him warm and dry.
DOS CARAS bag - On the other hand, it can easily be turned into a bag and becomes a functional accessory.
DOS CARAS transformation - Easy usage makes the transformation possible. Closing the zip, pulling the ribbon, folding and fixing - that's all. DOS CARAS shows its second function and has turned into a bag!
DOS CARAS - The ribbon is placed on the back of the jacket and shows the logo.
DOS CARAS sketches - sketches demonstrate the design process
Change - a variable furniture - 2005 Change is a variable sofa that can be adapted to the users needs.
Change - a variable seat - CHANGE is diverted into three sections, which are all collapsible. Dependent on the current need it can be modified at will.
Change - a variable seat - CHANGE turns into a bed, if all elements are folded out.
Change - sketch+photoshop rendering - By modifying CHANGE the position and the social relation of the users change. They can sit face to face....
Change - sketch+photoshop rendering - .... or they can sit next to each other. CHANGE is not only a furniture, it is a communication tool as well.
Cubile - rucksack - 2003 Cubile is the new definition of a wearable furniture regarding the rising mobility of young people. For them especially the desire to move free and sponatneously is particularly high. Cubile is a product that simplifies travelling by public transportation. It combines the needs of mobility, flexibility and spontanity of young people and attracts attention because of its visual appearance.
Cubile - seat - Additional traveling needs are considered: Due to a hard shell element, Cubile can also be used as a seat without affecting the luggage.
Cubile - sleeping bag+thermomat - Cubile achieves rich comfort by integrating a mobile sleeping unit...
Cubile - sketches - ...that is stowed away almost invisibly.
Cubile - sketches - Special folding guarantees minimal size to stow away the sleeping unit easily.
season light - Light concept with interchangeable elements for every season.
changing season - Light concept with interchangeable elements for every season.
University Projects
Alice Kaiserswerth
Senior Footwear Designer Munich/Boston, Germany