Bheem - One of the heros from the epic mythology, Mahabharat.
Ogre - Concept art
Face study - Quick study of various faces in photoshop
Akail's are known to be historical warriors who stood in front Sikh armies unafraid of death.
This pen and ink concept glorifies all that Akali's stood for
Viking concept
Ally - Mascot design for a fitness equipment company.
Optima Contoura - Part of a challenge to draw healthy female superheros.
Desert Fish - Vibrant desert creature concept.
Abhimanyu - stylized concept art
A study of owls.
Mining Truck(Flash) - Miner truck illustration made in Adobe flash.
CAT 797B(Flash) - Caterpiller mining truck designed for a game in flash
Concept art for a tank design. Base created in 3d Max then painted over in photoshop.
Concept art depicting an ancient elemental rocket with loaded with mystic spells.
Designed for Grigco Games.
Concept Art

This section covers all the the conceptual and in-game work done for various clients.

Amrinder Singh nagi
UX/ UI Designer, Games and Apps, 10+ yrs of experience New Delhi, India