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'A War Story' (2013)

WRITER: Danny Ord
PRODUCER: Ian Packard

RUN TIME: 00:16:36
SHOT ON: Red Epic
Alexander talks with his mother, Edith, in his bedroom.

Recruiting officer and Drill Sergeant sign up young men for war.

Alexander, Dietmar and Edith have dinner together.

Alexander standing in line at the Recruiting Station.

Edith comes into the workshop where Alexander and Dietmar are working on the chair.

Alexander at work on the chair in the workshop.

Alexander at his desk in his bedroom.

Local boys from the village flee after attacking the laundry.

Alexander and young men from his village about to commence training.

Recruitment officer taking a note of Dietmar's complaint.

The drill sergeant with the unit in full uniform.

A proud Dietmar and Edith spend their last supper together with Alexander.
Dietmar talks to the drill sergeant as Alexander leaves the house.
Alexander leaves home to go to war.

Alexander's letter to his family, written the day before going over the top.

Alexander and Dietmar's chair stands completed in the workshop

Here are some early drawings depicting how I initially pictured the main characters of the film produced shortly after first reading the script, and a couple of storyboards depicting key scenes. These drawings were produced after the major locations had been sourced, but before casting.
The old croft as we found it, with overgrown grass and brambles, old farm equipment strewn around and rotten window frames, door frame and front door.
Extent of damage to door frame and front door clearly visible in this photo.
Rotten window in window frame.
The bedroom in Mary Anne's Cottage as we found it upon arrival.
The bedroom space as it appears in the final film.
The dining room in Mary Anne's Cottage as we found it.
The dining room as it appears in the final film.
The old stone barn in Mary Anne's Cottage as we found it.
The clearing in Dunnet Forest before set dressing.
The original recruiting station now run by the Territorial Army as we found it.
The hall as it appears in the final film.
A War Story

'A War Story' is a short film set in the First World War, which follows the story of Alexander Friedmann, a half-German boy's decision to fight for Britain.

The production was filmed on the north coast of Scotland early in 2013. The film was funded via personal investment of crew, family and friends, through a commercial venture and online crowdfunding.

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Andrew Baillie
Art Department Liverpool, United Kingdom