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'Middle Of Somewhere' (2013)

DIRECTOR: Eleanor Hoppe
WRITER: Jamie Mckinlay
PRODUCER: Ian Packard

RUN TIME: 00:22:09
SHOT ON: Sony F3
Isaac and Maggie's bedroom.

Maggie's recurring dream, waking up in a bed on a beach with TV screens at the foot of the bed. The screens depict herself staring back.

Isaac on the phone to Maggie in the living room shortly after discovering she has decided to leave.

Maggie talks to a half-asleep Isaac in bed.
Maggie sits on the bed staring down at a Polaroid snap of herself.
Isaac and Maggie sit on the sofa watching TV.

Isaac stares in despair at his beloved TV lying dismantled on the living room floor.
Isaac stares down at his cereal bowl which has arranged itself into a comically sad face.

Isaac having a panicked phone conversation with Maggie in the bedroom.

Isaac reads the book 'Endgame' through binoculars, using a remote-controlled fan set-up to turn the pages after his beloved TV has been destroyed.

**PLEASE NOTE** The missing picture on the back wall isn't a continuity error, but a byproduct of the stripping back of the flat, a symbolic part of the narrative.
Isaac's remote-controlled fan book reading set-up in the spot where the TV once lay.
Isaac and Maggie watch as the TV screen depicts a fictional couple, happy Isaac and Maggie, in an exaggerated, idealized relationship on a trip to the seaside.
Isaac and Maggie's decision to try and inject spontaneity into their lives by leaving the flat and going to the seaside is a bleak and miserable affair in stark contrast to TV Isaac and Maggie's trip to the beach.
Isaac shouts in despair through the howling wind and rain as behind him, a cheerful old lady in swimwear makes her way into a deckchair as if it were the height of summer.

Isaac enters Maggie's dream world, believing himself to have died. The couple come to the conclusion that they are in a form of cinematic limbo having become self-aware, and opt to wait out the rest of the film in the bed watching an artificial sunset.

Middle Of Somewhere

In the movie of their lives, Isaac and Maggie are a bored, young couple attempting to find themselves amidst the malaise of modern life. Maggie wants to re-invent herself as a manic-pixie-dream-girl. Isaac fancies himself as a brooding loner in need of a muse. Looking for answers in the movies, the pair are drawn into a world of images and illusions as their life becomes a hall of mirrors where the distinction between reality and fiction collapses. Middle of Somewhere is a surreal, conceptual dramedy about identity.

Andrew Baillie
Art Department Liverpool, United Kingdom