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'Pearl' (2013)

DIRECTOR: Hannah Palumbo
WRITER: Hannah Palumbo
PRODUCER: Eloise Davidson

RUN TIME: 00:23:19
SHOT ON: Sony F3
Final film promotional poster.

Pearl follows Cecily, a secluded and controlling mother to Margaret, a young woman with a sickness caused by her strange ability to cough up pearls. The film is a dark fairytale with moments of magical mysticism and fundamentally deals with the relationship between a mother and a daughter who feels she has no place in this world.

When a doctor from the city finds out about them, their life in the quiet, isolated house by the sea changes forever. As the modern world invades their lonely and controlled environment, they can no longer remain hidden in their secluded existence. As Margaret begins to deteriorate, their world begins to crumble and Cecily is forced to make some difficult decisions, whether to save Margaret or let her die.

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Andrew Baillie
Art Department Liverpool, United Kingdom