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I am a native New Yorker and industrial design graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Stout. Being a non-traditional graduate with extensively diverse work and life experiences has allowed me to come into design with a wealth of accumulated insight: the kind that facilitates problem identification and solving. A history of engagement with an array of real-world products, systems and people has made me more of a well-rounded aspiring designer. Though insight and intuition help, I don't let preconceived assumptions cloud my design process. I challenge them by truly understanding the problem at hand by way of intense research, observation and most importantly, empathy. Though I have a strong affinity for housewares and consumer products, my design interests extend across many industries; such as medical, consumer electronics, soft goods, children's design, appliances and lifestyle design. I am also intrigued by the areas of universal and transgenerational design. I am also bilingual: fluent English-Spanish.



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