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"That Look Though..."
Schoolgirls being let out of class wander down the cobblestone stairs in the mystical city of Tzfat, Israel.
"Til Death Do Us Part"
A store's window display in the French Quarter shows that even when it's not Halloween season, it's just another day in New Orleans.
"The Wall"
Part of the wall in Bethlehem that separates Palestine and Israel is shown to have various slogans painted on it.
"Beer Fence"
A decorated fence with various beer brands at Bayou Beer Garden in the Midcity neighborhood of New Orleans, LA.
"Girls Night Out"
An appropriate signage on a wall at a bar in Austin, TX.
"Self Portrait"
A delicate curl circle a belly button ring in this avant garde self portrait.
"No Parking, Parade Route"
A common street sign for Mardi Gras found in a New Orleans bar.
"Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice"
The famous character helps decorate a schedule of bands outside The Maison, a bar on Frenchman Street in New Orleans, LA.
"Red Leaves, CrissCross"
The vibrant burgundy leaves of fall provide stark contrast for the cross on a gravesite at Oakland Cemetery of Atlanta.
"But What Happened to Her Head?!"
An oddly headless female statue stands next to a Jewish grave at Oakland Cemetery of Atlanta.
"Point Me To Heaven"
An angel points up to the sun at Oakland Cemetery of Atlanta.
A table made up of embossed pennies adorns a bar in Lafayette, LA.
"Beale Street Sign"
A sign lit up and proudly introducing Beale Street of Memphis.
"Calle Tolosa"
Toulouse Street, like all streets in the French Quarter of New Orleans, is still remembered by its Spanish name.
"One Light, Two"
A street light and the sun, barely peaking out from the clouds, form an unlikely pair.
"Live A Great Story"
Words to live by are found graffitied on a street.
"Which Ladle?"
Spoons and ladles are lined up waiting for use in the back of house at a restaurant.
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Street Photography and Avant Garde

A variety of street photography and avant garde work.

Callie R. Joseph
Photographer and Videographer New Orleans, LA