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Detailed iInstrunctions of the game.
Dungeon generated with a random structure and random rooms everytime the game starts. The HUD is full with all the elements or power the user can collect or use. The bar on top of the screen indicates the time to level up the enemies (until level 5). The higher the level, the stronger the enemies will be.
The player can shoot fire balls and the enemies can also throw some projectiles depending on the enemy type. When the player kills an enemy, it drops some loot.
The player can also change his skin to water and use a whirlpool as projectile that will capture the enemy inside. This whirlpool has a range within the green circle.
There is also a shop where the player can buy a dash (to move faster), a map of the dungeon, or power units of the different types, that will increment his power when using the specific skin and projectile.
The player can also change the skin to plant and use a projectile that will bounce when it hits an enemy or a surface. If the projectile hits an enemy and the player picks it up, it will give a cumulative damage increment to the player.
When the player eats using "F", he recovers all health, but the maximum health is decreased by 25 (he eats himself). To recover max health, it is necessary to collect donut pieces and use this blue rocks in the map.
Boss of the dungeon, who drops the key to get out of the dungeon.
Map of the dungeon. It shows some of the elements of the dungeon, when the player gets close enought to them.
Donut Escape

Roguelike game created with Engine 5 and C++. In this game the player is a donut that is trapped in the middle of a dungeon and needs to find a way out.

The game starts in a room and all the rooms around will be randomly generated, meaning that the dungeon will be different every time the game is played. In each room the enemies and his type are also randomly generated.

To fight the enemies the player can throw 3 different types of projectile (fire, water and plant) that will do more or less damage to the enemy depending on his type.

There are also other pickups to help the player, that can be use to buy things in the shop, recover health or increment the player's power.

As the time passes the level of all the enemies in the dungeon is incremented as well as their power.

The objetive is to find the boss of the dungeon, get his key and use it to open the final door.

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Carlos Vadillo
Game Developer Böblingen, Germany