Title and first page of branding guide. I created/curated all content.
Creating personas provides the team with a shared understanding of users in terms of goals and capabilities. Plus, audiences find that content catered to them is valuable.
Brand Guide: Establishing secondary colors to enhance the established primary colors for a younger demographic. Naming reflects the outdoors.
Brand Guide: Photography is a brand's visual voice, allowing people greater connection.
Brand Guide: Iconography is utilized extensively in apps, so cohesion is important.
Products utilizing gamification can raise customer acquisition by 700% and see more engaged users. This is part of a presentation for stakeholders.
I created a Motto, relatable image and description for each Rank in the game that are shown with each new level. This excites users and encourages them to "level up".
Redesigned About images for iOS and android download stores to highlight key features along with examples of the corresponding screens.
A bright gradient background links all About images, bookended with photography for a complete story.
Wrote stories and created images for social media posts. Designed full page print ads for dealer magazines.
RV Halo App: Complete branding and marketing collateral

RV Halo App is a sub-brand of Winegard. Within Winegard, I was moved to the app team to establish a marketing plan and then implement all aspects of the plan. I began with research and moved to creating personas so all stakeholders would be on the same page. I created/curated all content for the brand guide and spearhead the implementation. In the app, I designed the icons and the descriptive copy, working closely with the app developer. Both internal and external materials were created for promotion.

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Cejae Tayten
Graphic Designer (Visual Problem Solver) Peoria, IL