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charcoal drawing - Our assignment was to base it off of a film noir movie. I decided to show a character walking slowly up a dark eerie staircase with only the glow of the lantern to lead the way.
Magizine cover - Class project....We had to use Santa Claus in a scene. I decided to make a ginger bread man take the clothes of a guy dressed as Santa Claus and run away.....this was done in photoshop
Banana Plants - I took a photo of my dads Banana plants. I divided it into 4 pictures and sketch them on a canvas. It was done in oil pencil colors.
Model in black, white and grey - This painting was done in acrylic black, white, and Grey paint on a 18x24 canvas. I took a picture from a magazine. Then I took the picture and copied it in black and white.
Zoey - Pencil sketch
Magnolia - This art piece was made with acrylic paint. The background was a mixture of black, blue and white.
Carchase - Group project
Clown with a Balloon - This was story boarded and then animated in Maya
Story board of clown animation
Moonman - Animation of Moonman
Robot - Story board
Zeek - Zeek the dragon in wireframe view in maya
Zack - conceptional art
Zack - Conceptional art
Zack - conceptional art
Zack - Concept design
This was done for an ad for our company Business Investment Group. I photoshop the bottom of the sign to clean it up before we sent it to print on our brochures.
Photoshop for ad - I Photoshop the picture to clean it up for the brochure on the condos that our company was trying to sell.
Character Design - I had to come up with a T-rex design for a phone application. This was done in Illustrator.
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Chantel Rome
Project Manager/2D Graphic Designer Baton Rouge, LA