Zeus' Battlegrounds was a melee oriented Battle Royale game that was themed around the Greek gods.
This is an example of one of the god powers in the game from Poseidon that did a small amount of area damage and slowed enemies in the area. I helped to design the power and the effect.
This is the location where you find the Poseidon power. It was designed to be underwater for 1. isolation like all the other powers and 2. environment since Poseidon is the god of the sea.
Around the world were gaps in the terrain. While looking for visual issues, I suggest and designed caves where players could find loot making unique locations instead of just covering these areas up.
While this is not my video, this showcases two of the weapon systems that I helped design. We wanted to add some sort of magical like weapon to the game. The original idea was a large "grenade" like effect or a projectile. I came up with the idea to use both and have a thrown weapon with a large effect or a weapon that is similar to a bow, but a more rapid fire with a lesser effect. Both styles of weapons became fan favorites.
This is a small battle arena that I helped create. It had a few high quality weapons designed to get players searching through it with high walls that gave good sight lines to opponents and help push people together for melee.
This is the area for banished player from the Hades power. The power was designed as a small area ability to try and get multiple players stuck in the same area for a short time, or to just remove an opponent you were engaged with.
This is a small village on the map that I designed. The houses were grouped together to provide cover from ranged attacks on either side of the road, and the valley setting made any players leaving forced to use one of two exits.
I used photoshop to create the map shown here taking images from the unreal engine. I also came up with the names of most of the cities based on historic Greek locations. Names in larger type were areas with better equipment. The next design step for the map was to create some underwater ruins for the players to go to in a few of the costal cities.
Kings and Heroes was a MMO-like style dungeon runner with some overworld elements. I worked on quests for the game and class mechanics.
You can see a player in one of the games dungeons. His abilities are shown in the bottom of the screen. Further development of the game would see class specialization and unique class resources instead of all the classes using mana.
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These are examples of my work on the games Kings and Heroes and Zeus' Battlegrounds. Kings and Heroes was our first game and was an MMO-like open-world game where you would go into Dungeons, level up, and get better loot. On Kings and Heroes I worked on quests and class mechanics.
Zeus' Battlegrounds was a Battle Royale game with a heavy focus on melee combat. In that game, I worked on level design and weapons systems.

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