Poster design announcing Salem Horror Fest's 2024 dates — for the festival's 7th year, the theme is "Seven Years' Bad Luck" featuring a broken mirror with a subliminal "7" hidden in the cracks.
Salem Horror Fest 2022 (year 6).
Photo backdrops and event banners because modern fans love selfie stations.
New for this year's fest was designing vinyl clings to the cover the theater doors.
Salem Horror Fest 2022 (year 5) was the first in-person event after 2021's virtual fest (due to Covid).
Frightgown was an online "horror prom" experience designed to engage Salem's LGBTQ+ youth who could not gather for Pride due to Covid.
The 3rd year of Salem Horror Fest introduced "Haunted Harbor," a location removed from the film screenings where attendees could gather with celebrity guests as well as vendors.
Salem Horror Fest partnered with Witter Entertainment to put out a collection of the festival's award-winning short films in a collectible VHS clamshell package.
Film Festivals & Branding

Reporting directly to the festival director, I am the sole designer responsible for the branding & identity design including, but not limited to logo design, poster art, social media collateral, web banners, t-shirts, lapel pins, illustrations, and on-site banners and backdrops since the festival's inception in 2017.

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David Dembowski
Graphic design and illustration Austin, TX