This photo was taken off a bike trail. I wanted there to be a forestry background and I found such a great location. She was the first figure I made completely, which makes her very special to me. this figure took two years of fine tuning and making before I was completed.
The sculpy apple is made with a real apple stem. It can be held in her hand with a tiny gold ring that goes around her finger.
This photo was taken in my neighborhood. Looking back on it, she looks like she was being served for dinner, but I was trying to go for a beautiful centerpiece. here you can see a lot of fine details that was put into this figure.
That gold chain on her skirt took a few hours to make. It has little red glass beads. The quilted panel in the center of her dress actually matches her cape. There's three matching panels on her skirt. The skirt was made of a hand dyed brocade. It is a separate piece from the blue velvet bodice.
This is with the cape off. You can see all the fine details hidden. It's always been important to me to add details in my work, because I want them to be more than fashion dolls. I want them to be a work of art.
This dress has layers, a petticoat for just a bit of fullness. Pantaloons with embroidery and braided cord with lace. Real nylon stockings, and snow whites iconic pumps with yellow satin ribbon bows. Here you can also see the stand which all my figures get. It is a painted wood, then varnished.
Like I've said before, it starts with a sketch. This was the original sketch for this figure. It's two years older than the doll because I needed time to work on making the body, working on my sculpting, and sewing. The hard work paid off in the end.
The progress of painting and setting the hair.
The sculpted bird and the close up painting. I tried to emulate a feathered chest with my brush strokes. The toes are positioned to be able to sit on her finger.
The finished figure. This figure was a bunch of firsts for me. But still an impressive figure. It's a testament to working hard, and persevering through difficult challenges. Since, I've grown so much as an artist and person, and my artwork has this figure to thank. When I started doing this, I had no one teaching me how do do it. I had to troubleshoot and hope for the passion and hard work to come out through my work. The two years it took to make her, was not a cake walk, but it made more rounded in my craft.
Snow White : The one who started it all

Snow White has a unique head and body, that it’s one of a kind. Sculpted by me. Her accessories were also sculpted by hand out of polymer clay. Her apple has a real leaf and wooden stem from a real apple. And her little blue bird is able to perch on her finger. Her outfit was made from silk, satin, silk brocade with gold thread, orangza, 100% velvet, and hand made lace. Her ensemble was hand embroidered by me(no machine). Each quilted panel sewn with gold thread was also done by hand (her cape, and panels on skirt). Her outfit is decked out with Swarovski Crystals and sea pearls. She has real hand made gold chain on her skirt (which is studded in glass beads of gold and red with crystal hearts on the end) and forming her necklace. Her shoes are custom to her as well with satin bows. This figure has panty hose, hand embroidered pantaloons, and a petticoat slip. Her face was hand painted by me. Her hair and eyelashes were also hand rooted.

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