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Binghamton Homeownership Academy Logo. January, 2017. Adobe Illustrator.
FADEC International logo for BAE Systems joint venture, 2005. Sizes vary based on media. Photoshop and Illustrator, Adobe CS2.
Logo for a jewelry store.
Logo sign for jewelry store.
New Idea Development housing company logo. The owner's initials are BK, as seen by the lit windows in the skyline. October 2014.
Herpnerds logo. November 2014.
An example of how Herpnerds will use its logo - seen here on a bearded dragon. November 2014.
Logo for a mini mart.
Logo for a painting company.
Top: Logo for a construction company. Bottom: Logo for gutter repair/installation by the same construction company as above.
Company Logos

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Danielle Rogers
Graphics Artist and Communications Professional Johnson City, NY