Client: Bola Grills | | Design of a Charcoal grill | 2023 | A collaboration with Gembah | Sketch proposals | Selected design
Selected design by Bola Grills
Selected design by Bola Grills
Client: Bellus Design Ltd | Aroma diffuser & QI charger design | 2024 | I am collaborating with Bellus Design since 2022 on QI charger designs and a home furniture line.
Lamp & QI charger design | 2024 |
Client: FLIT BIKE | Electric folding bike design | Product name : FLIT M2 | 2017 - 2024 | I am working for the last seven years on an electric folding bike with FLIT bike, a start-up based in Cambridge, closely working with the engineers to be sure that every detail and shape is optimized for the manufacturing process and to ensure the product is aesthetically beautiful.
Client: Hedworth Ltd | Electronic gift designs | 1999 - 2006 Hedworth Ltd was a company based in Hong Kong specializing in electronic gifts, I worked as a freelance industrial designer for them during my time in Hong Kong from 1996 to 2006. I brought them product ideas, developed ranges, and worked closely with the manufacturers to ensure each product was true to the design.
Calculator for Hedworth Ltd
Watch for Hedworth Ltd
Portable FM radio for Hedworth Ltd
Aroma burner + FM radio for Hedworth Ltd
Client: Naeo Aroma Ltd | Aroma diffuser design for the Australian market | 2020 | Sketch proposals | Selected design
Selected design
Selected design
Client: Native union Ltd | Handset designs | 2008 | | Project: Design of a line of handsets, the Moshi Moshi 03i dedicated iPhone charging cradle, Bluetooth handset to use connected to a mobile phone or a computer for VoIP calls, the MM02, and the Pop phone. Through those designs, I helped Native Union to launch their brand.
Pop phone
Client: PDC EUROPE Sleeving Systems | Reject unit & Hot air tunnel designs | 2018 - 2020 | | Project 01: PDC Europe, a French designer and manufacturer of sleeve applicators & shrink tunnels contacted me to modernize their protection around their « reject unit ». The target was to help them to differentiate this product from the competition by bringing design to this field. Project 02: Re-think their existing protection around their « Hot air tunnel ». The target was to create a family look based on the « Reject Unit » I designed for them in 2018. Sketch proposals | Selected design
Hot air tunnel for PDC EUROPE Sleeving systems |
Client: Arwin Technology Ltd | Temperature and humidity sensor design | 2018 | | Provides a simple solution for monitoring temperature and relative humidity. A cooperation with Senses Designs Hong Kong
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