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EISH! in collaboration with African Conservation Trust (Pro-active campaign to raise funds)

Private initiative in co-lab with the African Conservation Trust:
ACT planned to raise R10 million that year to beef up anti-poaching measures - even if it took every last drop of their energy. ACT was doing a national Skydive for Rhinos, taking part in the Put Foot Rally and launching several fundraising campaigns, with the support of others who shared their anguish. I approached them with my humble initiative. Say EISH! By simply buying the branded merchandise online and proudly wearing it every Friday, we started creating awareness. ACT’s partnership with EISH! Rhinos were real and transparent. Every R15 raised from the merchandise was donated to ACT so that they could continue ground anti-poaching efforts they vouched for. All my work was done pro bono to raise funds for the rhinos. Eish! raised over R65 000 in 6 month's towards ACT's initiative. We had people from all over the globe ordering the merchandise from UK; China; US and Australia and some other smaller countries.

Debbie Marx
Heavyweight Graphic designer Specialist Roodepoort, South Africa