Biggie and Tupac
Feeling Lucky
JuiceWRLD close up
Mac Miller close up
XXXtentacion close up
JuiceWRLD, Mac Miller, XXX concept piece
Lady Lust
Water Dragon and Water Goddess
Gun Slinger
Betty Boop *boop-boop-e-doop*
Forget Me Not's
Marilyn Monroe in 64' Impala Lowrider
Mad Max concept piece
Who Tells Your Story? Magma Skull
Coi fish and Cherry Blossoms
Foxy Brown
Margarita Lady
Forgiven lettering
LOWRIDER lettering
Hustle lettering
"Mama TRIED" tattoo
"Mom" tattoo
"HOT STUFF" tattoo
Roxy Graduated
Bunny Love
Shmacked Garfield cat
Lion in Despair
Cyberpunk Octopus
Smiley Guy
Mobster Mick
DynamiteInks Portfolio

DynamiteInks portfolio

Amanda Scarvelli
self-taught Artist, Tattoos, Welder, Airbrush Cleveland, OH