InfectedMichelangelo - This is a 2 part epoxy sculpt over a famous replica of a Michelangelo sculpture.
InfectedMichelangelo2 - A 2 part epoxy remodel of an resin Michelangelo Sculpture.
A monster done for fun
Lorax - This was my redesign of the Lorax character from the Dr Seuss children's book.
RainbowCricket - Another inhabitant in my graphic novels world.
Ki - This is something I did to learn Zbrush
HuntColor - This is a image I did for fun inspired by the great Japanese paintings of the Edo period.
DADDYLONGLEGS - A design done for a short.
GoldenChirpers - creature from a graphic novel I am working on.
Jelly Roll - A little something I did for fun
Zombie Bunny - My monster of the day.
Gingivitis - Morning breath
TheHunt - Japanese inspired illustration
Suni Ra - This is a model I worked on using 2 part epoxy and mixed media techniques in photoshop.
WOMPUM - Snowboard graphic concept
EYEEYE - This is a sketch I did at lunch.
Texas Slim - monster of the day please write this characters daily activities.
Gertrude - Characters for a children's book I am working on.
Storyboardsketch - These are some initial character explorations for an undisclosed project.
Shankul - This is a character from a graphic novel I am in process of making.
Calustraecean - Sketch for fun
SuniRa - This is a character I have designed for a film idea I am working on. The character is modeled in 2 part epoxy resin.
MR LONELY - Just a sketch done for fun as a attempt at conveying a deep emotion.
CHERRY WINTER - Acrylic painting done for fun.
Sasquatch Savior
Crabala - A character I designed for a graphic novel I have been working on.
Grano - A beast from my graphic novel.
MeatSkull - Acrylic painting done for fun studying big cat anatomy.
TurkeyDog - Sketch done for fun
Turtle - sketch for fun
Rhinaut - sketch 4 fun.
BigCatch2 - This is a series I am working on that showcases fishing pictures of unknown species caught near toxic waste plants. runoff.
BigCatch3 - Painting series I am working on showcasing classic fishing shots in the future. Fish have severe mutations from toxic runoff.
BigCatch1 - Series I am working on for an art show in march.
BigCatch1Acrylic - This is a acrylic painting I did to go along with a series of digital prints.
TheLegend - This is a print I am working on that is meant to illustrate the battle between pollution and the way of nature.
TEXTURE WORK - This is texture work done for a video game. Everything is created to be stretched onto a 3d polygon model
Natives - Pen and Ink drawing of Native amerigosians.
BigCatchv4 - I love fishing you never know what you will catch!
Water Creatures
Godzilla - work in progress commissioned painting 4'x6'
MutantSeaBass - Mutant Fishing series wip.
Soorin - zbrush and photoshop test
The Menace - Holiday present for a relative who enjoys comics.I turned him into a monster for a gift.
MutantMahiMahi - This is a ink drawing/digital painting based off a photo.I love the surprise of fishing it is very similar to gambling and Christmas. Very addictive and full of surprises,
3leggedcritter - Sketch done for fun colored in photoshop
Steelheadmutant - Fishing series I have been working on over the last few years 13"x19" printed on canvas
Snooory - sketch done for fun
Kreetcher - Sketch done for a personal project
Color fairy - This is a fairy I did for a friend using photoshop.
donshi - quick sketch for fun
DreamDragon - Painting done for a recent show
Yeti palmer - painting in acrylic done for recent show
critterz - acrylic painting
BlockHead - Mixed media
flumph - painting done in acrylic with ink
DoradoMutant - Fishing series I am working on
Eli Libson