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Firefighter Helmet Facelift

During a summer placement at K2 Thermal Imaging my task was to redesign and face-lift their flagship product. Their helmet design had not changed for quite some time and they wanted something that would look more attractive and could visually compete with other manufacturer designs. Originally the placement was only supposed to last five weeks during which I would create a concept idea that would be evaluated by the company so that they could decide whether to continue with the development of an actual product. During the five weeks I had managed to impress them with my work, so my placement was extended by nine weeks. During these nine weeks I continued refining the design so that the final product would not only look good, but would also reduce production costs, reduce product lead time, as well as add value that would allow the company to increase the the retail price.

Martins Elerts
Student at University of Teesside Middlesbrough, United Kingdom