The final design. Rendered using photoshop. the upper represents the fluid supply style of parkour and the sole represents the hard impact style.
Parkour or Freerunning is a Physical discipline of French origin in which the participant called a Traceur attempts to pass obstacles in the fastest and most direct manner possible. “As with Yin Yang, Parkour is made up of two indivisible selections: Firstly, movement that is fluid and smooth: supply style Second, Impactful movements: Hard style You must find the best balance for yourself.” -Sebastien Foucan co founder of parkour
Sketching and development process, over 50 shoes where sliced measures and recored to gain knowledge about construction, and technologies.
Final construction uses a double lasted sole to hide the thick eva section, large ball and heel gel sections where added to absorb impact. support straps extend down to the toe section as do the laces to provide better climbing support. The upper is made from leather for durability.
Nike Traceurs

Nike Traceurs

Elliot Ortiz
Me San Francisco, CA