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Whilst observing elements of The Spectacle at work in Koln I noticed how powerful language can be, reinforcing and structuring the meaning of visual representations.

I documented language of the spectacle in situe on cloths, in shops and on signs in the street..

I decided I could use this language to reinterpret the spectacle and convey my personal, negative view of its influence on society.
I extracted words from the signs, clothes and slogans I had seen and reordered them into a poem. Although most of the poem is sardonic I tried to end it on a positive, hopeful line indicating people can maintain their individuality.
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KISD Project 2013: An 'Anti-Spectacle' film

Debord wrote a book in 1967 entitled ‘How does the spectacle look like today?’ Reflect the term “spectacle”, create an anti-spectacle or feel free to do whatever you want linked to the topic. Try to express your personal point of view of the modern (anti-)spectacle. Is this a topic relevant for designers?

Eloise Smith-Foster
Practicing Designer / MEDes (Master of European Design) student at... Glasgow, United Kingdom