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Original Christmas painting. Inspired by folk art and Kinkade
Degas Dec. 2017 painting Pink Ballerinas
Newest painting based off the original -The Headless Horseman pursuing Icabod Crane.
Hindu God Ganesh
Sant Dnyaneshwar. March 2013.
Sant Dnyaneshwar, also known as Jñanadeva, was a 13th century Maharashtrian Hindu saint, poet, philosopher and yogi of the Nath tradition whose works Bhavartha Deepika, and Amrutanubhav are considered to be milestones in Marathi literature.
The girl in blue
2011 painting-displayed at the Winter Solstice Art Exhibition. Original Art piece done in watercolor and colored pencil.
2011 original Blue Bird painting. Displayed at the Winter Solstice Art Exhibition.
Potomac River-original Painting-sold for $2000
Thomas Kinkade painting-small canvas.
Based off an original painting, painted in 2012. Done in oils on large canvas.
Based off Botticelli's original painting of 'The Birth of Venus'. 2007 painting.
Original Oil painting done on homemade wood canvas.
2010 painting-based off an original 1880's painting found at the Art History Museum in D.C.
2012 original Fall Sunset painting.
Original art piece done in oils. Mill painting-2008.
Based off a painting. 2010 painting on canvas.
2010 Fall Painting. Done on homemade wood canvas. Large canvas, done in Acrylics.
Based of the Thomas Kinkade winter painting. 2010
Norman Rockwell original. 2009 painting on paper.
Based off a Norman Rockwell. 2009 painting on flat canvas.
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Original Bob Ross painting. Done in 2010 in acrylics on canvas.
Midnight walk through Paris-original art piece done on 18 X 24 canvas.
Based of Thomas Kinkade, 2010.
Based off the Thomas Kinkade Painting of London. 18 X 24 canvas. Done in Acrylics.
Based off a still life painting. Done on homemade wood canvas.
2012 painting based off an original.
2007 original still life painting.
2007 Original Painting on homemade canvas and frame.
2007 painting-original art piece on self made wood canvas and frame. All handmade and stained wood. For sale.
2007 original hue painting still life.
Peter Pan painting done on cardboard.
Based off a London photo. Painted on foam cord.
2011 painting for annual Ren Fair poster.
Snow painting done as a gift.
2007 original painting.
2007 original painting.
Beauty and the Beast painting done on foam cord.
Original Chinese watercolor. 2007.
Original Chinese watercolor. 2007 Brown Birds.
Original Chinese watercolor. 2007.
Frog-Original Chinese watercolor. 2007. For sale-$150
Chinese Watercolor - Summer 2007
Two birds-Chinese Watercolor - Summer 2007
In the WIllows-Chinese Watercolor - Summer 2007
Chinese Watercolor - Summer 2007
Quick Chinese Watercolor - Summer 2007
Chinese Watercolor Fish - Summer 2007.
Waterfall-Chinese Watercolor - Summer 2007.
Chinese Watercolor - Summer 2007
Chinese Watercolor - Summer 2007
Small Chinese Watercolor - Summer 2007
2003 Arabic drawing/pen/ink. Stained with Coffee, dirt and tea.
Antique map 1500's drawing/pen/ink. Stained with Coffee, dirt and tea.2007.
UK and Ireland antique map drawing/pen/ink. Stained with Coffee, dirt and tea.2009.
Antique map drawing/pen/ink. 2010.
trees silhouette from house
The Hope Tree. Aug 25, 2013 painting.
The Healing Tree. Aug 25, 2013.
My newest original painting. Just in time for Fall. Erin V. Dawson 9/22/13
Quick watercolor painting on watercolor paper. 2012.
Quick watercolor painting on watercolor paper. 2012.
Commissioned original painting-2008
Off a Famous French painting-2009.
Original modern painting.2012.
A gift for my professor, Dior painting 2012.
working process-Indian Wedding Girl.
A painting I did for Reference180 business. May 2013.
2007 original painting.
2008 painting of Napoleon.
Modern tree painting. Done on 18 X 24 canvas.
Painted the mailbox post
Small Norman Rockwell painting on wood.
Based off an original painting. Done in 2005 on canvas.
2006 painting based off another painting.
2005 painting. Given as gift.
2005 painting.Given as gift.
2005 original painting. Given as gift.
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I love to paint and to replicate my favorite paintings as well as doing my own original art work.

Erin Patil
Apparel Designer Seattle, WA