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Lennie's Big Day

"Lennie's Big Day" is an interactive book for children ages 18 months - 3 years; the book follows the wanderings of an inquisitive little lamb named Lennie who runs away from the farm and finds himself on an adventure! A toy lamb accompanies the book and allows children to interact with the reading. The narrative will ask a child to use their toy lamb to find certain things on each page (i.e. “can you help Lennie spot the orange fish?”) When the child places their toy lamb on the orange fish (or another object the reading is asking for the child to find), the sound of a fish splashing or horse neighing, etc. will emanate from the book. The inclusion of a toy and call and response narrative not only allows for children to fully engage with the story, but also encourages reading comprehension skills.

Erin O'Boyle
Toy Designer Easton, PA