pomme birdhouse - Birdhouse that appears to be an apple hanging from a tree.

Finalist Small Business Project (Product Design) Belgium.
pomme birdhouse - birdhouse that appears to be an apple hanging from a tree.
twist cutlery - Prototype of bended cutlery
The different way of handeling the cutlery makes it easier to eat in an ordinary fashion. (for some anyway)
flexible pergola - A pergola made for sunny afternoons & rainy nights.

Ideation and mock-up by Thomas Valcke http://www.atohms.be/
& me,
thnx bud!
aroma clock - An alarm clock that motivates user to get out of bed.

Placement Thesis for Pilipili Product Design.

Finalist Optimo Portfolio 2010.
aroma clock prototype - prototype and proof of concept
bubbles in motion
aroma clock prototype - prototype and proof of concept
heating up
aroma clock drawing - exploded view drawing
hexa lamp - 3d renders of diffusor lamp
emergency locator - Emergency System that can detect global position and give information about the location.
Also functions as a panic button for elderly.

Hypothetical assignment i did for Pilipili Product Design.
stoove exploration - This retro design of an ordinary stove puts back the functionality of cooking to reduce energy costs.
native notebook - Notebook using natural materials as leather & wood, like they did in the old days.
The pad can project your keyboard, buttons, controllers & images.
Fast way to make memo's and edit your pictures.

Work in Progress
cool towers - When icecubes aren't available or you want to cool your drinks fast without spoiling the flavour.
Cooling towers is a measure pourer that habits your freezer, containing a water/alcohol mixture for a lower freezing point.
Makes cooling your shots easier then ever.
coronis fusion _ designed by Made for Barco - New medical display

Designed by Made for Barco


boom exploration_for Made
brita - styling a brita pitcher
brita - 3d render of exploded view

build in alias studio tools
rendered in 3d studio max
smart table - A sober table specificly designed for recharging your handhelds.
And giving those damn things a place to find them :)
glassline - Cutting glass "a gogo"
glassline - Cutting glass "a gogo"
Industrial Design
Gaetan Mangrove
Industrial Product Design Kortrijk, Belgium