The main menu
The french keys layout is Q for left and D for right. You can also use the left joystick of a controler .
Arrow key left for dangling to the left and arrow key right for dangling to the right. You can also use the right joystick of a controller.
Description of which ingredients goes where.
A game in progress.
The Dangling Cook

At the Grill Game Jam at Strasbourg in July 2023, I participated in the creation of The Dangling Cook. This is a video game about an otter dangling away the ingredients in the right spot to cook the most meal possible before too much food spoiling.
Only playable on Windows.

For this project I worked on the ingredient spawner, on the recipients and on the point logic.

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Full-time, Moonlighting
Garip Kusoglu
Developer Strasbourg, France