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a brand new render of my cafe racer twin 3d model.
CAPSULE Adrenaline
Capsule Colour
Capsule - Tried to do an in game rally race shot
CAPSULE Test - Some examples of test renders done while working on the project.
Capsule 02
Capsule utility - 2011 test 1 for the capsule
CAPSULE Test - Some examples of test renders done while working on the project.
capsule 11
Dragon Fly_night patrol
Dragon Fly 02
Dragon Fly - As i keep learning, i cant help myself going back and redoing the previous stuff i ve done, because the old version doesn't explain enough.
Dragon Fly
Dragon Fly
D-FLY tr test 01
M Di Tullo's Howerbike revisited 3d - Inspiration for this was Michael Di Tullo 's howerbike sketches. He was kind enough to let me work on his idea. I transformed his sketches into my own 3d version and this is the outcome.
hover bike - science fiction hover craft inspired by Michael Di Tullo's sketches
Sci-fi Hover craft 3d - Inspiration is from M DiTullo s Pistol howerbike sketches. http://www.coroflot.com/d2lo/sketches/3
Hover Craft 02a - Made another layout with 3d model views below and a 3d view above that is more sketchy compared to the blue enviroment shot
Hover bike-full throttle - Away with the haters, away with self doubt, away with destruction, to a wonderful journey towards the real light. ;)
Eagle Command 02 - Inspired from the beak of an eagle for the nose of the plane. It has no relation with the us army logos. Hope you like it. Thanks for looking.
Aircraft - Fun..
Cargo plane 12 - A new layout for my cargo plane
This model was done for a tv commercial, however since it has changed completely, decided to render a page for my folio.
GH-47 Stinger 11 - Imagine being able to fly one of these..and under heavy fire. Brave people indeed.
GH-47 Stinger / Dog Fight - Mayday mayday !!
GH-47 Stinger 10
jet fighter php - paint over on a jet plane image
Trooper dual sport - removed some of the components and did a new layout. a better translation of the 3d model, therefore old one is erased. May be will get into modeling an engine if i have the motivation for it. always have been and will be a fan of motorcycles. this in my mind was a cheap but capable dual sport bike, cheaper to maintain but tough as any.
trooper 02 - concept 3d project , of a single cylinder, 660-640-690cc, dual purpose machine. I am using a XT 660 side view for proportions (the inspiration). And have been looking at the XR 650 R frame pictures. Something i would like to ride. Work in progress .
T-Bone electra - This was my entry for the 2010 Seoul bicycle design competition. It got a complimentary prize, not so succesful , but its a start..enjoyed working on this, time spent , +- 60 hours in total.
T-Bone Electra 2010 Seoul Cycle Design - Complimentary award winner
Armoured Vehicle
The Rat - (Had fun with this today). First sign of the zodiac. Creative problem solver, imaginative, hyperactive worker respected for its resourcefulness. Intuitive with ability in acquiring and holding on to things it values.
Jet Ski
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On/Off world transportation
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