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F 680 sketch
bike sketch
truck sketch
php aircraft sketch
Drone php sketch
Concepts for Ironbelly game design studio - Task jobs for a new game that is being developed right now. My duty is to create concept designs for various items on high poly, then they get remodeled into low poly versions.
pencil sketch - and a touch of ps
Dual purpose vehicle - sketch ideas for my next personal on/off roader.
Truck sketch
php car sketch
Helmet sketches
mixed sketches
ROBOCOW - This was hand sketched for my company s Product Design leaflet.
Mixed sketches - Some old some new sketch work
Pencil sketch
Sketch-Bio suit - bio suit / armour
Measuring tape - freehand sketch on A4.
Boot concept sketch - handsketch + photoshop
Php Sketch - I was trying to get used to sketching with colour. A Black & Decker helm came out
sketch - freehand + photoshop
Pencil Sketch-blue dragon
a knights tale
sketch - pencil sketch & ps
Machine 2
ps sketch - creature
ps sketch - control your rage
freaky clowns - i hate clowns
machine- sketch
machine 3 - some of my older sketches
troll - some of my older sketches
this is my character Knobu. pencil sketch + ps
He was a good S.T.A.L.K.E.R. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gjf_VfZFwRg&list=FLIrIztpjP91G5eo5UwNd6sQ&index=12
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Sketches - traditional & cg


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Industrial Design / Packaging / Point of Sale Mugla, Turkey