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One for the Taurus sign.
Shield - 3d model of the shield i have been imagining lately.
inside the guitar
LOTR Orc 3d - This was created from a plane. +- 4 hours,
Invasion - click on magnifier tool to view original size (4000 pixels wide)
face - After long hours of deadline work, i started this to escape polylines and straight surfaces..whenever i have a gap i will build him up. so far its an hour of sculptris and 20 min. php. thinking of an alien priest. in the model he is a kind being, however when added a bit of lights and glowing eyes his impression changes to be a little, dark
''RAWR !'' vector work. if you want to see the full size pdf , pls click on the magnifier button.

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open the door ! it's me Mittens !
Dragon bust 3d - this one is a keeper
some animals and some signs
Alien plant species
just a visual for my company
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