Ingenuitree - It's said that Kiwis can create and fix anything with No8 Wire
Birds Eye View - the flightless kiwi needs a bit of help to get a good view from above
Catch of the Day - Maori legend says Maui fished up the North Island of New Zealand
Shadow Kiwi - hand shadow kiwi bird
Pick A Colour - Crayons with colour names in Maori
Paint By Numbers - One Tree Hill is an iconic Auckland landmark. Unfortunately the summit tree is now gone
Swingball - I spent hours playing this game as a kid, most of the time just trying to get the post in the ground
Paper Planes - based on the emblem of our national airline, I always wondered if it could be folded out of paper
Motor Moa - I've got a thing about Giant Moa's (extinct NZ native bird), I just liked this play on words
Long Hot Summer - Rubber jandals are standard footwear over summer in NZ
Two Scoops - Scooped Ice cream reminds me of summer in NZ, and Hokey Pokey is a classic NZ flavour.
Jet Planes - Expanding the fleet of a well known New Zealand jube lolly.
Paper Kiwi - Origami trio of NZ's native bird and national Icon, the Kiwi.
Not Long - NZ is home to the world's longest place name, this is how I've always imagined it signposted
Annotated Allsorts - exploring the layers of licorice allsorts, they were always part of growing up in NZ.
Canned Fish - Mashmallow filled chocolate fish are engrained in NZ culture, they don't come in a can though.
Paper Natives - Origami NZ Native birds: fantail, kiwi, and the now extinct Giant Moa.
Small Fry - Fly Fishing lure inspired by an iconic NZ toy.
Moa Zone - Based on signs protecting the Kiwi, reimagined for what it might look like for the extinct giant Moa.
Milk Bottles - Combining milk delivery from the past and a chewy sweet thats been around my whole life.
Dissected Dog - pulling apart the sauce covered battered Hot Dog which has always been a kiwi favourite.Enter Your Description Here
Red Leader - I think all NZ kids imagine these sweets flying around before disappearing in their mouth.
Retired - My senior citizen version of an Iconic NZ retail Icon who has never seemed to age
Chopped Tomato - Plastic tomato sauce bottles have been around my whole life.
Fairy Trap - Fairy Bread (hundreds & Thousands on bread) was standard at every kids birthday growing up. I guess this is how you'd make a simple fairy trap.
4 minutes - how long it takes me to eat it.
Dessert Deconstruction - Breaking down a favourite NZ ice cream treat
Bikkie Breakdown - Exploding an Iconic New Zealand biscuit.
Chocolate fish finger - Battered fish fingers were part of growing up in NZ, it would be easy to make one out of chocolate fish.
Tricky Tiki - I had the name, and the design followed from there
Retro Racer - Vintage racing car resembling iconic NZ wooden toy
Glenn Jones Art Prints 2013

This is my growing collection of art prints inspired by my life growing up and living in New Zealand. My spin on iconic NZ pop culture - objects, toys, food and anything else that I think is part of Kiwi life, past and present. These prints are available on my website

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