The perfect accessory for a tough kiwi bloke to protect his hand
Cultured - Adding some sophistication to the New Zealand slang saying 'Chur Bro' Chur Bro: Kiwi for thanks, cool, sweet as, etc. A more relaxed version of 'cheers bro'. - Lonely Planet
School Crest - This phrase is engrained in kiwi culture. A daily sign off from an after school kids TV show in the 80's
Gumboot Graffiti - This gumboot throwing farmer is my NZ inspired version of a famous piece of street art
Ice Cream Dream - A kids print - I always wanted an ice cream this big when I was a kid
Kiwi Kid's Room - Customisable print for a Kiwi Kid's Bedroom
Cleared for take off - A jet plane lolly ready to fly
Model Planes - If jet plane lollies became models they would be quite easy to put together
Flying Kiwi - A balsa wood model kit for a flying kiwi. As much as I'd like this to to fly I think its as impossible as the real bird
Native Flavour - A colourful kids print incorporating NZ native birds into icecream swirls
Down the Road - Lemon & Paeroa drink and the giant bottle that stands in the town of Paeroa are iconic in NZ. I wondered what a bottle in a neighbouring town Ngatea might look like.
Defrosted - the Melting reamins of an Iconic NZ Ice cream brand.
Urban Moa - Limited Edtion - Giant Moa are now extinct in New Zealand, but I like the idea of a few unknown giant birds roaming the city under the cloak of darkness.
Kiwi Feather - A possible perception of what a kiwi's feather looks like
Inside The Beehive - The 'Beehive' as we know it in NZ is our government building in Wellington. I just imagined a cross section would reveal honey.
Clean & Green - We like to think of ourselves as being Clean & Green in NZ. wanted to incorporate a kiwi into the
Native Cuckoo - A New Zealand version of a cuckoo clock with a ground dwelling kiwi popping out on the hour
Hot Water Tiki
Glenn Jones Art Prints Jan-Jun 2014

This is my growing collection of art prints inspired by my life growing up and living in New Zealand. My spin on iconic NZ pop culture - objects, toys, food and anything else that I think is part of Kiwi life, past and present. These prints are available on my website

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Glenn Jones
Designer & Illustrator Auckland, New Zealand