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Aston Martin VIE GH_Anniversary 100 concept_Part 1

ASTON MARTIN VIE GH ANNIVERSARY 100 CONCEPT. The idea of the Anniversary 100 project is based on the fusion of the historically established fundamental rules and principles, philosophy of absolute freedom, beauty, power, soul and futuristic vision of the next generation of Aston Martin supercars.
The project Aston Martin “VIE GH” Anniversary concept has an electric traction with the appliance of the “Fuel Cell” technology. The fuel used is hydrogen.
The design of the Aston Martin “VIE GH concept” is based on the traditions and stylistic features of the brand. The high-end materials are used, such as: electronic paint, adjustable transparent glass with opacity control. The monocoque body structure consists out of carbon fiber. The exterior body panels are handcrafted and made of aluminum.

Grisha Gorin
Москва, Russia