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We designed and built the tables and white shelf inserts for the Exhibit.
Linearflow Form exercises. The exercise was to bend pieces of wood or metal in a way that optimizes the fairness and flow of the form.
Solidflow Form exercise. Make a 4"x4"x18" block of wood. Using a band saw cut a contour on the top face, reattach pieces, cut another contour from the side face of the block. Resultant form remains.
Hand tools were made after the Solidflow form exercise. The hand tool was to be a kitchen Hand tool that either scooped or scrapped.
Rotoform Exercise. Make a 4"x4"x18" block of wood. Use the lathe to make a curve in the block. Keeping fairness and flow in mind, cut the curved piece, rotate, and reattach. This exercise led into the making of the Juicer.
Planarflow Form exercise. Heat a flat piece of polystyrene, reshape, then cut to enhance fairness and flow within the piece. The platters were made by using the lessons we learned from the Planarflow Form exercise and translating them into a product that can hold or present food.
Tectoform Exercise. Make a 2"x4"x18" block of wood. Make two intersecting cuts. Reattach keep in mind intersections, end conditions and orientation.
Banners explaining each of the Form families on either side of two slide shows.
The slide shows displayed process pictures.
InFORM Exhibition

InFORM is an Exhibition dedicated to form. This exhibit, designed by myself and a few of my classmates (under the direction of our professor Mitzi Vernon), attempts to create a language around form. The Exhibit displays the work of our entire sophomore studio. Through exercises, we learned about five different form families Linearflow, Solidflow, Planarflow, Rotoform, and Tectoform. These form exercises led to three products Hand tool, Platter, and Juicer. We took the best of each form exercise and product from our studio and created the exhibit around them. The exhibit has been showed in Blacksburg and Arlington, Va and in Notodden, Norway. InFORM also has future plans to be exhibited in Tokyo, Japan.

Photography by Scott Shumaker