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The first stage of the project was to test existing juicers and identify problems. We tested 5 different juicers during the 1st day of the workshop and recorded all the problems we identified.
We then chose two main problems to tackle in our design, the cleaning of both hands and utensils that is required by cutting the orange prior to pressing(all juicers tested required the orange be cut first) and the mess created on the work surface while pressing the orange.
Citro uses a simple mechanism coupled with a specially shaped chamber to squeeze juice directly from whole oranges without the need for cutting before hand.
This is a mock up we made to test pressing the whole orange without cutting.
Stainless Steel, Glass and Oak were selected as materials for the design. We wanted to give our design a strong identity and for it to be a utensil that is proudly displayed in a kitchen like is the case with coffee machines.
Citro - Juicer - 2012

This project was completed in a 1 week design workshop with Mathilde Pannetier while I was studying in L'Ecole de Design Nantes Atlantique in France.

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Henry Daly
Freelance Designer Wellington, New Zealand