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This is an offroad Go Kart that I began building when I was still in second level school.(2006) I worked on it whenever I got the chance and completed it in 2008.

The original chassis was desgned for a 5.5hp Honda GX160 Multi purpose engine. However I wanted to fit a more powerful motorcycle engine. The engine I chose was a CB500 parallel twin with 57hp. In the end the frame had to be completely redesigned to suit the more powerful engine.
The finished vehicle turned out to be very fast and has excellent traction on dry sand, tarmac, gravel and grass. I hope to design and build a follow up version in years to come.
Go Kart - This is a Rhino 3d Model of the Go Kart frame.
I revisited the Go Kart for an assignment in college in my 2nd year model making module. The assignment was to make a detailed model of your choice while using a number of model making techniques.
The frame was constructed from styrene and lime wood. Various grades of Polyurethane foam were used to model the chair and the engine block.
The brake disc and sprocket were also made from PU foam. To shape them a rotary tool was used as a mini lathe and a craft knife as a parting tool.
A working steering rack was constructed from steel & aluminium.
Go Kart - 2008
Henry Daly
Freelance Designer Wellington, New Zealand