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Custom site specific furniture was designed and fitted on site by a team made up of Architects, Industrial Designers, Spatial and Interior Designers assembled by RARA (http://www.eastlondondesignbureau.com/rara.html). Designs were presented to and discussed with local community members before the build started.
Recycled wood from Scaffolding toe boards and plywood were almost exclusively used in the build. A workshop was set up on site and the team designed and built all of the furniture on site.
The Mill opened in September 2011 and hosts events and workshops throughout the year for the people in the surrounding area.
The Mill - London - 2011

The Mill was a project to redesign the interior space of Walthamstows old library. The space was to be turned into a community centre and needed a new design to function as a community centre.

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Henry Daly
Freelance Designer Wellington, New Zealand