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The look and function came from the result of humanizing the object. The curve on the surface of the glass is meant to bring the communication device close while still giving the astronaut a comfortable exoskeleton.
I held in mind the idea that if designers play with the aesthetics of NASA it could get more of the publics attention and bring back some publicity to the companies efforts and goals. For example the postponed Mars mission.
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Space Helmet for the Movies

This project is intended to be for a movie set purposes but comfort and ergonomics are also considered while new aesthetics derive from animating the object to further resemble a human. The inner cap that astronauts usually have is taken away and the speaking devices and headphones are placed on the helmet. There is a tinted second layer of glass that can come down to block off sunlight. Visual breakups were done to create even contrast throughout the surface. Aesthetics are important because I dont just imagine humans reaching new places in space, I imagine them looking good while they do so.

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Industrial Design New York, NY