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Xperia C3, the 5.5 Inch Selfie Smart Phone

"Selfie" was chosen as word of year by Oxford Dictionary in 2013 due to emerging self-portrait photograph trend which was led by Asian, specially for Chinese young generation, they would like to show themselves rather than things they have due to their showoff personality and limited income. After research and workshop with people born in 1990s, I and Product Planner got agreement to Launch a big screen smart phone with wider angle and high resolution camera as well as front flash to support better selfie experience. At the same time, we proposed Mint color as special color inspired by fashion trend of Tiffany and Ferragamo(2013) to match and lead style of girls and boys. This was first project which let demand from Chinese Market lead and expand to other market. According to report, Mint color and selfie concept got very well accept by market out of China as well.

Huang Wei
Senior Industrial Designer at Sony Mobile Frankfurt am Main, Germany